Applied Games for Training

Many computer-based training enterprises marketed to militaries and government agencies today are failing to engage personnel for one very simple reason: they are designed using pedagogical principles instead of andragogical principles. Children and adults learn in very different ways.  That’s why our products and services are designed to harness the ways that adults prefer to learn.

By understanding exactly how adults learn, one thing becomes very clear: game-based training is an optimal medium for adult learners, because the way in which games operate naturally aligns to the principles of andragogy.

Game-based training is the future.  We can build one game, or a suite of games to provide optimal training of your work force on any platform.

Best of all, we work with you to ensure that the product we provide is best-suited for your intended outcome. Our process is design-driven and iterative, and you will be a part of that process.  We’re not in the business of satisfying a contract; we’re in the business of satisfying customers.

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