Modeling & Simulation and Exercise Design

We make games; however, we have experience with a wide variety of simulation models and federations, and can assist in scenario and constructive simulation design. We can assist you in creating actual game-like Operating Environments and scenarios that address your Training Objectives.

Simulation models are physics-based systems. However, modern warfare has a variety of other factors that will affect the outcome of a conflict that are not physics-based. For example, it is easy to assess a commander moving a tank to contact, or assessing the accuracy of a firing solution in a constructive simulation. But how do you represent and assess the training audience on non-physics-based Training Objectives? We can assist you in scenario design and development and the corresponding Master Scenario Event List (and MSEL management) so that your exercise is more engaging and therefore more effective in imparting learning upon the Training Audience.

Computer Assisted Exercise scenarios are still designed in a very teleological manner. There may be some nodes and branches, but they converge back to the main narrative. There are ways to address Training Objectives in such a way as to give the Training Audience more volition and agency, and therefore, more active and engaged participation. Let us show you how.

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