Game is NOT a “four letter word” in our world.

We make serious games, games for training and education.

But “serious” doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. People like to play games because games feed a basic anthropological function. According to Stuart Brown of the National Institute of Play, “…humans are the biggest players of all. We are built to play and we are built through play.”  Play shapes us as a species, and actually shapes the functioning pathways of our brains.Joypad collegato al cervello

We train people who have been raised on ATARI, Nintendo, X-Box, Playstation, and Steam.  And we don’t just mean Millennials; the average video game player is 35 years-old, according to the Entertainment Software Association.  Their brains have been shaped through this type of play.  Why not capitalize on this;  capitalize on the fact that their brains’ pathways have been shaped by playing video games.  This is how they play; this is, therefore, how they process information; and as a result, this is how they learn.

We make games that optimize these pathways.  We make games that are engaging, evocative, and educational.