Articulated Python

Making games that make a difference

Nirvana gives you choices!

This slider alone has over 20 options for you to customize it with: size, borders, animations, navigation types and individual slides are all editable via the Theme Settings.
The columns, as well as everything else on this Presentation page are also fully customizable.

Nirvana in full color!

With over 50 color settings you can change the color of virtually anything in your site without writing a single line of code. Enable, configure or disable important site elements like pagination, breadcrumbs, top bar, menus, post metas, back to top button and much more.

Nirvana is neverending!

Advanced typography settings, great control over post excerpts and featured images, magazine and blog layouts, social media settings and custom CSS and JS fields complete the Nirvana line-up. But there's much much more!

We've Got Game!

Play is not just for kids. As a species, humans learn through play-- even adults! A growing body of research shows that adults learn most effectively through play. It naturally aligns to the way that adults prefer to learn. Our products take advantage of the fact that people learn best in a "play state." So.... Game On!

Our Latest Project!

Check out Vltava Rising. Become the leader of a Cultural Heritage Rescue Team, and save cultural heritage during a flooding crisis. Follow us on FB, Instagram, and Twitter!