Our Experience with Cultural Heritage Protection Training

We have been involved in Cultural Heritage Protection Training (also referred to Cultural Property Protection (CPP)) Training since 2015.

Our first CPP training Prototype was built in 2015 and garnered a lot of interest from U.S. military personnel, NATO, and UNESCO:  Cultural Recon


Conferences and speaking engagements specifically related to CPP training:  

U.S. Combatant Commanders Cultural Heritage Action Group (CCHAG) Annual Conference, 2016.  Cultural Recon: Game-based Training for Deploying Personnel

NATO CPP Conference, 2016,  Keynote Speaker. Cultural Recon: Game-based Training for Deploying Personnel

Interactive Pasts 2, 2018.  Learning to Preserve the Past: Game-based Cultural Property Protection Training.


CPP field exercises and additional conferences attended:

NATO CPP Conference, 2016.  Allensteig, AT, CPP field exercise.

TRITOLIA-18, 2018.  3-day CPP exercise Tritolwerk, Wiener Neustadt, AT.  Hosted by Donau University Krems and EU Interreg PRoteCHt2save.

Donau University Krems Summer University, 2018.  Melk Monastery,  Melk, AT. Cultural Heritage Rescue Teams.

Coping with Culture: Vienna Calling, 2018.  Hosted by the German Bundeswehr Leadership Development and Civic Education Center (Zentrum Innere Führung), Vienna, AT.


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