Cultural Heritage Protection Training

Kim and Keith have been involved in Cultural Property Protection training since 2016.

In 2016, they built a prototype training game that taught deploying military personnel about the identification and proper treatment of cultural property in war zones. In addition to interest from trainers and personnel at a variety of U.S. military commands, it also received a lot of attention from NATO and UNESCO personnel.  As a result of this first project, they became known in– and very involved in– international CPP training circles. They continue to learn about CPP– and contribute to the international CPP community.

Kim has spoken about video games for CPP training at U.S. military and NATO conferences; she keynoted NATO’s annual modeling and simulation conference about games for training in 2017; and she’s spoken at other defense and cultural heritage conferences such as ITEC, and the Interactive Pasts 2 conference in the Netherlands which is specifically about the intersections of archeology, cultural heritage, and video games.

We work at the intersection of serious games, training, and cultural heritage protection; and there is no other place we’d rather be!




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